Cactical Scooter


Narrative Design, Game Design




  • Setting up the technical narrative structure with placeholder text for dialogue and UI strings

  • Writing drafts of original content to provide narrative support for the game

  • Collaborate with team on solutions where narrative and game design discrepancies are present

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Disaster strikes Dusty Banks when zombie cacti begin wreaking havoc across the desert. Determined to defend his home, cowboy scooter Armand Armadillo sets out to restore the peace and save his friends!

Cactical Scooter is a 2D action platformer created in Unity. Travel the sands of New Mexico, battling the mysteriously zombified cacti as Armand tries to put a stop to the people behind it.

View the prototype story bible here. This game is currently in the Alpha stage. It features the following:

  • Quick, snappy gameplay where Armand dashes ("scoots") into enemies to dispatch of them

  • Find, rescue, and chat with the people of Dusty Banks

  • Battle 3 types of cacti and a boss at the end of the stage-- Carver Coyote

Cactical Scooter Beta (1)
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Cactical Scooter Beta (2)
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Cactical Scooter Beta (3)
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