Narrative Design, UI




  • Designing and writing dialogue for player and non-player characters

  • Implementing technical narrative structure using YarnSpinner

  • Created UI elements, and implemented using in-engine tools

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Spritsong is a 3D musical adventure where spirits that reside in instruments are scattered across the land and you, a conductor spirit, must use a revitalized mobile pavilion to solve a selection of varied puzzles and assemble your orchestral family.

Spiritsong is a 3D exploration game where you scour an ancient forest, solving puzzles along the way, in search of your instrument friends.

This prototype includes the following:

  • 3 spirits for you to meet and chat with

  • 3 world-based puzzles to solve in your quest to get the band back together

  • Adorable, expression 2D character art set in a 3D world ripe for exploration

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