Programmer, Narrative Design


Demo Available


  • Writing drafts of original content to provide narrative support for the game

  • Implementing technical narrative structure using YarnSpinner

  • Created UI elements, and implemented using in-engine tools

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When the lights go down in the city of Dion, the hunt begins. While the city's factions race to acquire the coveted HYDR4 drive, three agents become fated to cross paths. Play as the Selenean Hunter, and join the CHARIOT Operative or the Oneirunner, as you gun for the glory of your organization!

TECHNOLYMPUS is an interactive fiction game created in Unity, using YarnSpinner 2.1.

This game features the following:

  • Branching narrative paths that will take you across the city of Dion-3 in search of the HYDR4 drive

  • A futuristic, sci-fi world inspired by Greek mythology

  • Queer characters and the exploration of personal relationships amidst the chaos of the scramble for power

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