Time Flies


Narrative Design




  • Research the patterns present in DESTINY 2 quest chains, story beats, and dialogue for the purposes of imitation

  • Design a list of events incorporating existing in-game elements and characters

  • Write lore entries that portray the personalities of characters through use of scenes

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The Kell of the House of Truth informs the Guardian that a device they have discovered in the wilds belongs to somebody she once knew—somebody dangerous. While she gathers information to confirm her suspicions, she sends the Guardian off to scout out a new faction of Fallen who have arrived in the Solar System.

Time Flies is a mock questline for DESTINY 2, written as an exercise in imitating the official style of progression, prose, and dialogue of the game.

This questline includes the following:

  • A multi-step quest in order to unlock the Eternity of Lament strike, involving Patrols, Public Events, and a new Adventure

  • Iyritros, a new Fallen NPC quest-giver who has taken up residence in the Tower as she and her unofficial house work with the Guardians in pushing back the Darkness

  • 4 quest-related items, 3 of which contain lore entries

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Iyritros, the Astral Rule
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