Veszra Campaign Setting






  • Writing and developing all facets of history, locations, and population of a high fantasy world

  • Designing player options and puzzles based off of existing DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 5th Edition rules

  • Organizing and overseeing playtests of original content

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The world of Veszra is one steeped in the mysticism of the natural world and reflections of the realms beyond. Explore a world divided in two by the Seraph of the Skies and the Leviathan of the Depths, where magic is the arbiter of all and technology has only just begun to develop in lands not of the creators’ make.

This campaign setting features the following:

  • A new pantheon of gods and revised gods of the Forgotten Realms in order to fit within the setting

  • 3 new Shifter subraces, Dragonborn subraces, and 4 Tiefling subraces adapted to both skies and the depths and all that falls between on Veszra

  • New Ece-Yviran backgrounds, additional spells, magic items, and adventuring gear

  • 5 continents to explore; featuring places such as the city of Eath’she Tas, the peaks of Mount Rizen, the lush lands of Paile’vera, and more

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